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Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of Life Pendant
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Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of Life Pendant

Our Tree of Life Pendant is made from solid silver with an 18" chain and hallmarked .925 in Dublin Castle.


Today, a tree symbolizes life! But did you know that the symbolism of a tree started way back with the Celts? Yes, the tree already played a major role in the ancient Celtic religion. For the Celts, the tree symbolized an essential resource or someone or something holding food, shelter and fuel for food preparation and protection from the cold. If trees weren't there, living was always extremely complicated.

They believed that wood found in a holy trees possessed supernatural features. These are largely seen on the Celtic Ogham alphabet in which every letter symbolizes a single tree. That is why, the current Ogham insights were founded on the utilization and significance of these revered trees to the Celtic people.

Other trees offer food while others provide wood utilized as artillery. There are trees which where regarded as consecrated trees to the Gods.

Based on Celtic accounts, trees were believed to be family of man, and of individuals with greater knowledge. Because of their knowledge, they have offered things like alphabet, calendar, and the doors to the kingdom of the Gods.

Trees were also linked with the Shamanic beliefs of the Druids and the other Celts living in a mystical world. Among all these symbolic trees, the Oak tree was the most revered of all and is believed to symbolize the axis mundi or the heart of the world.

The word door was derived from the Celtic term for oak, daur, wherein its root was accurately a passage way to the world of fairies.

Another sacred tree is the Druid, which is also a term used to refer to the Celtic Priestly sector. This word is derived from oak and seeing, which means a Druid was all seeing.

Thus, a Druid was considered cultured in Tree magic as well as a protector of the passageway.

After awhile, the Druids were nowhere to be found.

But the teachings of the trees live on as an important part of the Celtic mythology.

Numerous Irish folklores give emphasis on trees. An Irish person can just fall asleep near a tree and he/she will be widely awake in a fairies world!

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