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Porcelain Angels Set of 6

Heavenly angels, are often referred to as Guardian Angels, and are mentioned numerous times in the Scriptures. Here we learn that Angels are spiritual beings created by God to watch over the human race, in order to deliver his message, and to guard and protect us from danger.

God in His wisdom has given each and every relationship an Angel, The Angel of Love,
The Angel of Joy, The Angel of Frienship,
The Angel of Hope, and the The Angel of Serenity.
Each Angel carries with it the love of God.

It does not matter if the relationship is between family members, best friends, lovers, married couples, parents and children, or just business partners. The sole existence of a relationship is to bring the very best of that relationship to the fore and to escalate it to a higher form of love. It will then proceed to overlap into every thing it comes in contact with.

Think about this … do not all relationships reach out in some form or another and touch those around us? What a grand and glorious thing this is.

Just thinking about our existing relationships in our lives … even in business, a relationship needs to be formed in order to bring a product or service to the forefront so that the business and it’s partners can expand and continue to grow other relationships.

This is where Angels come in, they are highly developed spiritual beings that help serve humanity as guides, guardians, assistants, and healers. The best known group of Angels to us is the group of Guardian Angels. Out of all the Angel groups, the Guardian Angels have the greatest possibility of helping us through lifes trials and tribulations.

Nostalgia intricate porcelain decorations of the Angels of Joy, Serenity, Hope, Love, Guardian & Friendship, embellished with Swarovski crystals.  Set of 6.


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